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O'Level Hindi


Both teachers and students will find this book very useful to prepare for the O'Level examination in Hindi. The book is divided into six chapters. The basic grammatical rules of Hindi language are briefly but adequately dealt with in chapter one. Chapter two contains vocabulary of Hindi words with their English equivalents. In Chapter three eight exercises of comprehension and eight exercises on grammar are given. Chapter four includes twelve exercises of translation from English into Hindi and twelve exercises of translation from Hindi into English. Further 23 exercises for translation have been given in chapter five. The structure and rules of essay and letter writing have been explained in the last chapter. Some model essays and letters have also been given in chapter six. This book will also prove useful for the Preliminary and Intemediate stages of the Languages Ladder.

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  • Format : softback
  • ISBN : 1-870383-15-x
  • Pages : 162
  • Published : March 1998 (First Printed August 1982)
  • Price : £6.75

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